How to cleanup a stuck NSX Controller node installation

As I was deploying my first NSX controller cluster, i faced a really annoying issue : The second node deployment was stuck on “Deploying” status.

I had already tried without any improvement to :

  • stop the node and restart the manager only
  • restart the new node and the manager,
  • keep the node running and restart the manager

Unable to cancel, remove, kill (or whatever you want 🙂 ) the task, i decided to browse the NSX API guide.

This post will show you the different steps i followed to remove the task from the task queue and redeploy my second node.

My lab consisted of :

vSphere 5.1 => vCloud director 5.1 => vApp => Nested ESXi 6.0.u1 => vcsa 6.0.u1 (external install) + NSX manager 6.1.4 + NSX controller


After installing the Firefox REST Client (this post talks about the installation of Firefox RESTClient ):

I was able to confirm the status of the second node


I was then able to redeploy my controller 🙂

PS : Notice that if you have to delete the last controller, you will have to force the removal by using the command https://NSXManagerIP/api/2.0/vdn/controller/controller-ID?forceRemoval=True.
March 5th, 2017 by