vRO – Multitenancy : Quick considerations

Hi there,


It’s been a whhiiiilllleeeeee since my last post.

I don’t even remember the year of publication of my last post, shame on me !!


So to make it quick and clear :


In my lab, I enabled vRO multitenancy (more information here), just to try without any specific reason but curiosity.

The main thing I will share with you is the fact that if you enable multitenancy, you will have to use vRealize Automation as authentication provider !

The main consequence is that you won’t be able anymore to use your vRO as a vCenter extension. vRO won’t appear in the registered vCO servers. This, even if the “Register vRO as a vCenter extension” workflow completes successfully !!


Why, because vCenter web client needs to share the same SSO than vRO, what is impossible !

VMware support gave me this info yesterday evening. I also found this post that was more explicit : https://code.vmware.com/forums/5098/vrealize-automation#590920



May 24th, 2019 by